In advance of your mortgage renewal date is the best time to shop your mortgage renewal. At the end of the term there is no penalty to transfer.  Your existing lender may have initially had a great rate but several years later, perhaps they aren’t still competitive in the current landscape. I’ll work with you to shop the market to ensure that you get the very best possible rate given your current situation.

Steps to Mortgage Renewal

  1. Track Your Renewal Date – You will have an opportunity to hold a new interest rate 4 months before your renewal so diarize that date in your calendar, let me know and I will contact you.
  2. Get Existing Lender’s Offer – make sure it’s their final offer in writing that you are working with. DO NOT sign that renewal letter, there is no rush, even if your renewal date comes, your lender will have to renew you into an open mortgage, with no penalty to move you out.
  3. Contact Me – Let me work on your behalf. I will stop at nothing to ensure that you I secure the very best rate for you.

It also may be possible to initiate a transfer mid-term with borrower incurring no legal costs as long as there is no equity being removed.

To provide me with your renewal date or for more information please contact me directly.